When are you open?
We are generally opened between November 1st and June 30th,which corresponds to the dry season in Southern Thailand.

Is there a service charge?

We no longer separately charge the 10% service and 7% tax standard in Thailand. The prices we quote are fully inclusive, including the standard 7% VAT charge and our 10% service charge.

The 10% service charge included in our prices is shared equally between non-management staff in a bi-annual bonus instead of tips.

What is your tipping policy?

If you wish to reward a specific member of staff, then that is your personal decision. We would appreciate if you would leave a written recommendation if someone has been especially helpful.

What is your cancellation policy?

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance in the event you must cancel.


Cancellations made 30 days in advance of the booked check-in date are cancelled without charge but minus any bank charges or fees. For cancellations made within 15 days of the booked check-in date 50% of the total booked stay will be refunded. For cancellations made within 24 hours of the booked check-in date, and no-shows, 100% of the total booked stay will be charged.

Cancellation within 24 hours or less prior to arrival or no show – No refund Where a booking is shortened the above policy applies. No refunds at the resort for accommodation after check in

Food + transportation

100% refund at all times. No refunds at the resort for food, pre-paid transport or tours and activities.

All cancellations must be made in writing to fom@babaecolodge.com

Check in + check out

Check in: 2.00pm Check out: 12.00 noon

Late arrival charge after 6pm at the resort: 1,000 THB for 4×4 vehicle transfer across the island (local boatmen will not cross the pass between Ko Ra and Ko Phra Thong after 6pm)

Late check out charge 300 THB/hour. Check out after 5pm charge: 1 night rate applies.

Access to BABA Ecolodge is from either Ranong or Phuket. Ranong is the closest airport with several Nok Air flights a day from Don Mueang Airport and even more frequent flights with a variety of carriers between both Bangkok airports and Phuket.

Why are all the houses at BABA Ecolodge different?

All the houses at the lodge are privately owned. Each is as unique as its owner, and is a special place to enjoy the island’s beauty and tranquility.

Which houses are best for families with young children?

  • Baan Jai Yen
  • Baan Metha

Where can I find a resort map of the house locations?

Click here to see a map of the BABA Ecolodge

Can i get to the island on my own?

Because Kuraburi Pier is not a main passenger pier, we strongly suggest you book your long tail boat with us in advance.

Arriving alone at the pier, your chance of finding someone willing to take you to Kho Phra Thong is very slim. Most of the boat drivers you will find there are fishermen who don’t speak English. You might eventually find a fisherman ready to take you to the island, but they will only take you to Ta Pae Yoi village which is located on the East coast. From there you will have to find a car to take you to the resort, which is located 30mn drive away on the West coast. Failing that, you will need to call us and we will have to send a car to pick you up at the village. The trip will be much longer and more expensive.

On what island is BABA Ecolodge?

Ko Phra Thong

How do i get to Ko Phra Thong?

Most of our guests fly from Bangkok to either Phuket or Ranong. We recommend Ranong as the best option, closer and easier to negotiate than Phuket. Ranong is just over one hour by car from Kuraburi pier, compared to 2 ½ hours drive from Phuket. Nok Air operates two daily flights between Bangkok Don Mueang and Ranong. The boat transfer from Kuraburi pier to the island takes 90mn.

Can i get to BABA Ecolodge without taking a private transfer?

There are three options, you can either: 1. drive yourselves to Kuraburi Pier; 2. make use of our transfer option, in which case we meet you at the airport and drive you to Kuraburi pier; 3. use local bus services – there are many buses running north and south along the Andaman coast that pass through the town of Kuraburi. From there we can drive you to the pier. For more information, please contact



What airlines fly to Ranong from Bangkok?

Nok Air flies twice a day between Bangkok and Ranong.

What is your latest pick up time from Phuket International Airport to arrive at BABA Ecolodge on the same day?

Normally, our latest pickup in Phuket is 13:30 (1:30pm). For more information, please get in touch. We can pick you up from Ranong until 15.00 (3:00pm).

What is the earliest i should arrange onward flights from Ranong or Phuket international airport after checking out?

Ideally after 13.30 (1.30pm)


How long does it take to get from phuket international airport to BABA Ecolodge?

4 – 4.5 hours (2.5 hours by taxi and 90mn by long tail boat)

Does your private transfer car have a child’s seat?

We use local people from Kuraburi town for our transfers to Ranong and Phuket. Please let us know in advance if you would like a car that has a child seat and we will provide one.


1. How much does transportation cost?

Prices (one-way only):


2. Phuket Airport – Kuraburi Pier

  • Car (2-3 pax) 3,400 THB
  • Bus (4-6 pax) 4,200 THB

3. Ranong Airport – Kuraburi Pier

  • Car (2-3 pax) 2,400 THB
  • Bus (4-6 pax) 2,800 THB

4. Kuraburi Town – Kuraburi Pier

  • Car (2-3 pax) 400 THB
  • Bus (4-6 pax) 700 THB

5. Kuraburi Pier – BABA Ecolodge Resort

  • Long tail (1-6 pax) 2,000 THB

6. Kuraburi Pier – Tah Pae Yoi Pier – BABA Ecolodge Resort

  • Long tail +4×4 3,000 THB
Can i use my mobile phone at BABA Ecolodge?

Yes. Mobile phone coverage is now available on the island, but the connection is not always great. You might have to walk around a bit to find a good spot.

Inexpensive Happy and 1-2-Call SIM cards are available at most 7/Eleven shops at mainland. DTAC (Happy prepaid) and AIS (1-2-Call) recently activated mobile phone cells near the resort and provide service from 8am to 10pm using solar power.

Is cooking permitted in the houses?

Cooking is prohibited in all the villas.

Do you have a swimming pool?

No, we do not have a swimming pool. We have 12km of deserted pristine beach on the Andaman Sea, and a wonderful and calm private lagoon and bay.

Are pets allowed in the houses?

No pets are allowed at the resort.

Are there facilities for children?

Children have been enjoying the resort for many years.

Youngsters and adults alike can enjoy many activities. However, it should be emphasized that the remoteness of the island may not lend itself to accommodate very young children, and thus it might not be the right holiday spot for your family. There are no medical facilities on the island and an emergency evacuation may be costly.

The journey is long and once on the island specialist services and/or special food will not be available. We suggest you contact us directly before considering bringing very young children and babies. Our staff love children of all ages and we have had many happy families with very young children, but it may not be for yours. For 300 THB per hour, our staff can mind your children allowing you some private moments together.

Similarly, teenagers may find the lack of shopping, TV and computers too much for them. If they are not the outdoors types, this may not be their ideal holiday spot.

Ko Phra Thong is very remote and completely isolated from the mainland infrastructure. what level of luxury can i expect?

First you are likely to get your feet wet: the resort has no jetty and you will wade through shallow water to reach dry land.

Unlike other locations, the resort is positioned in the midst of shady tropical forest. As such, you will be able to enjoy some magnificent wildlife on your doorstep (monitor lizards, hornbills and monkeys) but also occasionally contend with some not so pleasant habitants such as mosquitoes and pesky “no see ums”. All beds have protective netting for a good night’s sleep.

Snacks, toothpaste and the like should be put away during the day to minimize temptation for the monkeys.

Our houses are unusual, and guests often comment on their beautiful design. All the accommodation is comfortable, however we do not use air conditioning. Instead the houses are constructed in a traditional manner to make the most of the sea breeze. This is supplemented at night by ceiling fans.

There is no television but sunsets provide the best early evening show you could wish for.

Most of our houses are now equipped with solar heated water systems but not all (you can check which in the house description).

The remoteness of the island provides a form of luxury that has become rare. Our main beach extends for 12km and there are no other resorts to share it, here you can truly be alone with nature.

All houses are equipped with fridges or cold boxes to ensure you do not have to walk back to the clubhouse to get a cold drink.

Is currency exchange available?

There are no banks, foreign currency exchange services or shops on the island.

When is electricity available at the resort?

We have 24hour electricity at the resort during the dry season – supplied by our energy efficient generator and backed up in parts with solar panels.

How can i pay at the resort?

At the resort we accept Visa, MasterCard,  and cash (Thai baht only). Debit cards generally will not process as we have no means of entering your PIN; please check with your bank before leaving home if you wish to use a debit card.

Do the rooms have air conditioning?

Air conditioning is not used but all houses are equipped with fans.

What other interesting places are there for us to visit near ko phra thong?


In addition to the Surin and Similan Islands, you can experience the unique environment of Thailand’s mountain rain forest in Khao Sok National Park, which is only one hour drive into the mountains east of Kuraburi. Many guests love to combine the natural experience of Beach and Jungle. If you would like to know more, please contact Therasa (fom@babaecolodge.com)

Do you have any tips for how i can be a low impact guest at BABA Ecolodge?


We are guests in Thailand and there are local customs we should adhere to


“Thank you” goes a long way. Kop Khun Ka (if you are female) and Kop Khun Kap (if you are male). This is the most appreciated saying you can learn.


Our staff will greet you with a “wai” – the traditional Thai greeting with palms pressed together. They do not expect you to return the wai but a smile is always appreciated.


The head is considered a special and spiritual part of the body. Touching anyone on the head is offensive; including children.


Dress suitably. There is no special dress code at Golden Buddha Beach Resort and beachwear is normal attire, but please consider that others live here. Please wear cover-ups going to the beach, and also at the clubhouse. Thai people are very embarrassed by nudity.


Keep cool. You will get a lot more assistance by acting cool, rather than venting steam. Do like the Thais and say “Mai Pen Rai” (its alright, no problem), then work on a practical solution to your problem. This garners respect and gets you a lot more help.

Garbage on the island is always problematic. Please reduce your waste and re-use containers such as water bottles. Also take away with you any waste that cannot be recycled.


Help us conserve. We will only change linens and beach towels every third day unless you request otherwise. Laundry wastes water and requires transport to the mainland.


How do you deal with mosquitoes and should we bring malaria preventatives?


We are an eco-resort focused on nature. Unfortunately part of nature are occasional black flies, mosquitoes and other critters. For the most part they are not active during the daylight hours. They tend to come out during sunset and the hour around dusk.


After dark, the ocean breeze usually keeps them at bay. We burn natural repellant coils in our restaurant and bar, and you will also find them in all the houses. The best protection is loose fitting long sleeve shirts and pants, and the traditional mosquito nets incorporated into the design of all of our beds. If used these items are even more effective than a repellant containing DEET.


There have been no reported cases of malaria or dengue fever at the report.


What wildlife do you have at BABA Ecolodge?


There is an abundance of wildlife and nature at BABA Ecolodge. Some of the most popular wildlife that we share our environment with includes the crab-eating macaque, beautiful hornbills, tugae lizards, green turtles and white-bellied sea eagles. Click here to read more about the wildlife on the island.


What about the not so nice wildlife?


We have a multitude of animals and insects at BABA Ecolodge and the general rule is not to touch or annoy our neighbours. The black flies (also called sand flies or ‘no see ums) are among our not so delightful creatures. We advise you to tuck your mosquito net under the mattress, all around, every night. They breed in the mangrove areas and come out when the air is very still, especially around sunset and sunrise. Some people have a very strong reaction to them. Therefore, we recommend the use of repellent at dusk when they are especially pesky.


What is the weather like during your main season (November– June)?


During the sunny season, temperatures gradually rise from November until May with very little rainfall experienced during this period. In January, you can expect highs of 30 – 32ºC with nights cool enough for sleeping under blankets. In April temperatures can climb up to 35ºC accompanied by occasional downpours. During this period, cooling on-shore winds develop each day blowing from the northwest and last until sunset. By bedtime gentle winds develop from the east and last until sunrise. Click here to find out more about the local weather.

Is the mid-season (1 November – 14 June) a good time to BABA Ecolodge?


The mid season is an excellent time to visit. It is not quite the high season, so prices are still discounted, but it is close enough so that the weather is just starting to be perfect. For the most part expect clear sunny days, warm nights with cool ocean breezes, and calm blue water. Occasionally there is still an afternoon shower, but as the mid-season progresses these become less and less likely.


What is the monsoon period? are you open during this time?


Monsoon starts in May and lasts until early October by which time the seas have returned to normal. During the monsoon season, the Andaman Sea on our side of the island can be quite rough.

Rainfall during this period generally consists of one heavy downpour in the afternoon, followed by very clear skies and exquisite sunsets. Spectacular thunderstorms during the night provide beautiful lightening shows over the Andaman sea. During this time some islands in Burmese waters, 100 kilometers from BABA Ecolodge, are visible from the beach. It is also possible that it rains much of the day for 2-3 days at a stretch but this is more common in June and September.


When is your most popular period at BABA Ecolodge?


Our most popular period is from Mid December until Mid March. If you are considering this time of year, please book early to avoid disappointment.


Baba is open

We are happy to inform you that the Thai authorities as of 11th january allow travel to BABA and Koh Phra Thong. We fall under the Phang Nga Sandbox Program, and its perfectly safe to visit our resort. 
Please feel free to contact Theresa who is in charge on site  for booking request or any  questions  related to this at theresa@babaecolodge.com 
Welcome to BABA