The way we see it, responsibility has never been an obstacle, but rather a way to push creativity, helping us redefine contemporary and meaningful luxury – less, but only the best. This can be seen in everything we do from how we build the lodge, source products, interact with people and tailor our experiences.


Koh Phra Thong is a place of vast natural diversity with thriving wildlife, lush nature and authentic culture still undisturbed by the mass tourism of Thailand. 


BABA Ecolodge truly offers eco-tourism at it’s best – for us exploration doesn’t mean exploitation. From Ego to Eco.

The Baba Family


Our desire to put nature first doesn’t mean that we would ever compromise on the things that will make your holiday unforgettable – rather how to create experiences with a minimal footprint.

BABA Ecolodge lodge offers all the facilities you would expect; a restaurant, beach bar, spa and a yoga-sala all seamlessly integrated into the scenic tropical landscape.


Munks, Thailand

What we offer

Our wooden villas do not offer television or air conditioning. What our villas do offer is pure natural luxury defined by the spacious open architecture, natural ventilation, outdoor showers and large wooden decks overlooking the jungle and sea. A cool breeze from the ocean and the sounds of the waves adds to a great natural experience to sleep at night while keeping our eco-footprint as small as possible.


For us, responsibility goes beyond design and solar power – it is the very foundation of how we do things and interact with our surroundings.

Jungle villa, BABA ecolodge

What we serve

Fresh food doesn’t come wrapped in plastic or from a freezer – it’s that simple. The vast majority of what you will be served at the lodge will come from the local market, neighbouring farmers, our eco-garden and the Andaman Sea. Apart from being the best solution for the planet, this also means you are guaranteed only the freshest ingredients from sea and farm to table. Furthermore, our chefs make some of the best Thai food you’ve ever had.

How we interact

Our friendly staff primarily consist of people from the island.
BABA Family

The Eco Manifesto

  • we built our own water tower and setup our purification station so we no longer have to bring in our drinking water from the mainland;

  • hot water for showers derives solely from solar panels;

  • low wattage lighting in place on pathways not to disturb the wildlife;

  • we compost all our food waste for use in the gardens;
  • all our non -compostable waste, a large part of which is derived from our regular beach cleaning, is sent by boat to the mainland facilities;

  • our staff sends all recyclable plastics, cans and glass bottles back to processing units on the mainland and keep the proceeds;

  • coconut leaves are shredded and used as mulch to protect tree roots;

  • detergents at the resort are all environmentally friendly;

  • dishwashing liquid is made from the peel of the oranges squeezed to make juice at breakfast;

  • bathroom toiletries are largely made from organic ingredients in Northern Thailand and are not tested on animals;

  • as part of our waste-minimising policy we no longer use plastic straws but paper straws instead;

  • all disposable containers are made of bamboo;

  • we have banned plastic bags for housekeeping purposes;

  • as far as possible we transport everything to and from the mainland in reusable crates and large plastic-lidded boxes;

  • during the rainy season, we switch off the generator at 11pm.

Baba is open

We are happy to inform you that the Thai authorities as of 11th january allow travel to BABA and Koh Phra Thong. We fall under the Phang Nga Sandbox Program, and its perfectly safe to visit our resort. 
Please feel free to contact Theresa who is in charge on site  for booking request or any  questions  related to this at 
Welcome to BABA