While most of our guests come to BABA Ecolodge to unwind and enjoy ultimate natural escapism, there are plenty of possibilities to fill your day with exciting adventures and activities. Our experiences range from adventurous exploring to relaxing and recreational, but all in collaboration with nature.

The Baba Family

Snorkling & Diving

Thailand’s Surin Islands remain one of the undiscovered gems of South East Asia. The granite islands are covered in tropical evergreen forest, fringed by white sandy beaches and mangrove. There are many beautiful coral reefs, making the Surin Islands a paradise for snorkelling.

Kayak in the Mangrove

Behind the resort, the mangrove extends far into the heart of the island. Here you can glide through the wild with the resort’s sea kayaks and experience monkey families and tropical birds doing their dailies.

Savannah Tours

Watch the sun-rise and enjoy a picnic breakfast or watch the sun go down while enjoying a glass of chilled rose served on the helmet of an old military jeep. The resort itself consists of lush virgin jungle, so you will be surprised when you find that the place is surrounded by authentic savannah scenery like in Africa.

Yoga class

Yoga classes are twice daily at 8am and 4.30pm. Hatha-based creative and often dynamic Vinyasa flow is offered for the morning yoga class. Afternoon classes include aspects of meditation and Pranayama (breathing techniques), and gentle yoga. Everyone is welcome as adjustments can be made to ensure enjoyment for all skill levels.


The island is known for having an amazing bird life and is the enthusiast’s paradise with a sea of different species. 

Fishing Trip

If you fancy a morning fishing, a local fishermen will pick you up at the bay in his long tail to take you to one of his favourite spots. You will be accompanied by our guide. The trip involves a 40mn long tail ride to the reef. Once there, it is traditional line fishing on the side of the boat, baited with calamari, and a dip in the
sea if it gets too hot.

Jungle Trek

The trip to Ko Ra, across the bay from BABA Ecolodge, involves a 15-minute speed boat ride. The trek starts by ascending up into Koh Ra’s permanent rainforest, then crosses the island in the shade of the rainforest canopy. The trek includes a stop over picnic at a secluded beach, where you can relax and cool off in the Andaman

Ceramic Workshop

A pottery workshop like no other, led by renowned Thai ceramic artist Amornthep Mahamart in the luxuriantly green environment of BABA ecolodge.



Cooking Class

Have fun and learn the basics of Thai cooking with our kitchen team.

Sup boarding

The quiet bay appears as a natural pool with clear shallow water and a tropical beach. Here you can both enjoy fresh drinks from the beach bar in the shade of slender palm trees or embark on adventures with the resort’s water sports available for free use.


BABA Ecolodge offers first-class tropical massage and spa treatments at our dedicated spa sala located just off the beach, a short walk from the clubhouse.

Beach BBQ
Twice a week, guests gather for an intimate beach ritual with bonfires and cocktails until the sun goes down. When the flames of the fire burn, everyone goes up to the restaurant where the kitchen has prepared a Thai buffet offering everything from well-known classics to exciting local dishes.

Baba is open

We are happy to inform you that the Thai authorities as of 11th january allow travel to BABA and Koh Phra Thong. We fall under the Phang Nga Sandbox Program, and its perfectly safe to visit our resort. 
Please feel free to contact Theresa who is in charge on site  for booking request or any  questions  related to this at theresa@babaecolodge.com 
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