We are pleased to welcome back for 7th season with Baba Ecolodge, internationally recognized yoga facilitator and retreat leader,

Alisa Sydenham.


Alisa has been a devoted yoga practitioner and certified yoga instructor for over 25 years. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, USA, she has been travelling South East Asia since 2012, teaching yoga and hosting retreats.   

From our open-air yoga sala, we have daily yoga, meditation, and exercise with a breathtaking 360 over the bay, hornbill hill, and the Anderman Sea.


6 nights/5 days –

5 classes per day at THB 17,500 

(Yoga only)


Acommodation of your choice with 

a 25% discount

Morning: (attendance required)
7:00am Retreat wake up Qi Gong Energy work  
8:00 Morning pranayama (breathwork )
8:30 Group yoga class, all resort guests welcome. 
Light snack at Beach Bar
11:00 Group Tabata, Mobility or Pilates 
2:00 -3:00 pm  Private retreat group yin or Vinyassa yoga
4:30pm Group Movement and  Meditation
7:00pm Free optional Private meditation for yoga package guests.  
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Dates for the Retreats:
10th till 16th November 23
24th till 30th November 23
8th till 14th December 2023
5th till 11th January 2024
25th till 31st January 2024
9th till 15th February 2024
18th till 24th March 2024
10th till 16th April 2024

The Baba Family

Yoga & Meditation

Welcome the morning breeze with Hatha and dynamic vinyasa-flow yoga from the yoga sala in the tranquil bay. At sunset, you can start your evening with a holistic treat for the mind with calm afternoon yoga and sessions with meditation and Pranayama.



Throughout the day, we offer several private and group lessons.


Massage & Spa

Nurture your soul with revitalising treatments with first-class tropical massage and spa treatments in our dedicated Jungle Spa Sala.

Baba is open

We are happy to inform you that the Thai authorities as of 11th january allow travel to BABA and Koh Phra Thong. We fall under the Phang Nga Sandbox Program, and its perfectly safe to visit our resort. 
Please feel free to contact Theresa who is in charge on site  for booking request or any  questions  related to this at 
Welcome to BABA